Staffing problems put pressure on both large and small organization’s. As former fly-in/fly-out construction workers, we understand the challenges faced by managers in remote locations when they are looking to attract and retain skilled employees.


Isolated locations and dangerous workplaces only emphasis the need for accredited and efficient training courses. Industry standards are always changing, so a flexible approach is needed.


We can help with training, visas and recruitment to solve your staffing issues.


Province Training

Province Training provides quality training and assessment through our Registered Training Organization’s (RTO). All our trainers and assessors have practical industry experience and are out in the field every day, tailoring our courses accordingly and adapting them to meet individual needs.


Our courses are ideal for migrants already in Australia or those looking to come to the country, as well as residents wanting to further their skills and knowledge.


Our services are offered to anyone interested in enrolling in training and assessment of skills and knowledge or to eligible students for a funded traineeship program.


Province Recruitment

Skills shortages put pressure on growing companies, which is where Province Recruitment can help. We can assist with the recruitment of accredited and skilled workers from Australia and overseas.


Province Recruitment can also help companies with recruiting for funded apprenticeships and traineeships.


Province Group

Our services allow us to combine accredited training and assessment of skills with migrant visa processing.


While still a new organisation, we are growing fast and see an opportunity to provide best-practice services to an industry that needs a reliable and skilled workforce.


Province Migration

Our team of experienced immigration lawyers and migration agents have the knowledge to support all immigration needs.